Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Miracle In the Making

I interrupt this extreme blog silence to bring you some very important news.

You may have noticed our family has added one more member.  Our sweet little guy officially joined us on July 22nd!  I'll update on that in a future posts, but for now, we have some friends who are in need of your help.

Our dear friends Travis and Robin have been in the adoption process for over 4 years.  They've lost 2 referrals, been with three agencies, started a sponsorship program in Ethiopia, fostered 3 children and had another baby in those 4 years.  It's been a crazy, busy ride and 
they have followed God all the way.

Yesterday they took the bold step of accepting the referral of a third little girl who waits in Ethiopia.  They are in need of the funds to bring her home.  They've paid for an adoption twice already, but have yet to bring a child home.  Let's help them fund this leap of faith and be a part of a miracle in the making.

What I'm asking you to do is simple.  

Anyone who is reading this blog can do just 2 small things that will make a world of difference.  

GIVE $10 and SHARE this link  


I want to challenge you not to look away.  

Don't think that someone else will give or that your $10 doesn't matter.  

Don't read this post and think, "Oh what a nice story" and let it stop there.

Do something.

Be a part.

Join together to make a difference.

Click HERE to start your ripple effect!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Last Minute Gift Idea That Changes Lives

Our Change Their Story fundraising campaign has been a huge success.  We have currently surpassed our original goal of raising $15,745 to help create job training for 30 women whose children are served at I Care for the Nations!!

This is absolutely amazing and we are so grateful.
This is the first step in providing lasting solutions and life changing opportunities for these families.
As we approach Christmas, we know that many of you will be searching for that just right gift
or last minute gift idea.
So why not give the gift of empowerment this year?
We still have 2 weeks left in our "Change Their Story" fundraising campaign and we've been inspired to work towards our next goal of getting more women trained.
Phase 1 allows for 30 women to be trained in either COTTON SPINNING or
For less than $4000,
we can fund 4 more training opportunities and
help train another 35 women to be

To break that down, for every $115 raised, we can support another woman's ENTIRE training!
My talented friends and teammates have designed these STARFISH ORNAMENTS, beautifully packaged with details of the empowerment program they help support. 
The starfish are symbolic of "making a difference for one" as depicted in the story below:
For a minimum donations of $25 each or more, you can give this life changing gift that will continue to impact this community in Ethiopia for generations.

***In order to ensure that your starfish can be delivered before Christmas,

To order your starfish ornament and give a gift that will truly CHANGE THE STORIES of these women and their families please donate here:

AND message me ( the number of starfish you need
along with your name, delivery preference
and address (either free local delivery or shipped to you)

All donations are tax deductible, so if you don't need an ornament but would still like to get in your end of the year donations, this is a great option that will have a lasting impact!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Change Their Story

This past June, a group of friends and I jumped on a plane and headed to Ethiopia for what proved to be a life changing trip for all of us.

As we spent time with the children and staff at I Care for the Nations, we began to learn more about THEIR STORIES.
Most of the children come from single mother households and have experienced much hardship and suffering in their short lives.
The common theme we heard was that opportunities are limited for girls and women (particularly single mothers) to be educated and be able to earn an income and provide for their children.
There are very few social services available so most of the children at I Care have endured chronic food insecurity, inadequate housing, lack of medical care, increased stress and risk of relational breakdown within their families.
Thankfully there is hope and through I Care fort the Nations and Children’s HopeChest the children and women at this care point have begun to receive educational support, discipleship, supplemental food, clothing and relational counseling.
Helping to meet these basic needs is vital at this stage of development, but it is not the long term solution.  The ultimate goal is for these mothers and care givers to be able to provide for their own families and to gain independence through self-sustaining employment.
We’re inviting you this Christmas to join us in making an impact in the lives of hundreds of children. We joined HopeChest’s Change Their Story campaign this year because we believe that every child deserves a life full of joy, love, empowerment, and dignity and every mother deserves the opportunity to raise and provide for her own children. 
So, help make these dreams become a reality and CHANGE THEIR STORIES.
OUR goal is to raise $15,745 to lauch the
“Empower I Care Income Generating Project”
to train 30 women in either COTTON SPINNING or
Any amount will help us reach our goal. 
Click on the link below to find out more and give to this life changing project. 

Give more this Christmas. Join us in giving joy, love, empowerment, and dignity to the kids and women served at I Care.