Monday, April 19, 2010

Beach Trip

We went to the beach for the day over spring break. One of the pictures that we had sent the girls was of Nick and me at the beach. Hermela had looked and looked at it and when she met us she said, "mommy, this one" and pointed to the picture. She had brought it to me several times and asked to go see the beach. We decided to go when Nick's parents were here (logistically, we needed a few extra hands-Colton requires the full attention of an adult around water due to his lack of inhibition-and we had two non-swimmers and beach first timers-you get the picture). I decided that the 4:5 adult to kid ratio worked well and that we will probably require at least one extra adult chaperon for a while when swimming is involved.

I had expected Hermela to be fearful of the water as she squirms and shakes all around when I spray her hair with water. However, my parents had gotten them a blowup pool for Easter and she jumped right in. I was especially surprised when she dove right under, holding her breath like a pro. The ocean was no different. She rode a boogie board right away and stayed in the FREEZING cold water longer than anyone else. Meron kept to the sand and they both enjoyed being buried in it. I'm sure Hermela will be swimming on her own by the end of the summer. She is a very motivated and determined little girl.


  1. Jessica, Your last post was so wonderful. I only have two kids and my house is never together! Life is beautiful though when you're surrounded by family, a gift you have given to all of your kids. God is so wonderful. It looks like you all had a great time at the beach; your children's smiles are beautiful.

  2. Love the beach pictures. We just took Dylan and Makenzie to the beach and once they felt the cold water, they were having no part of it. They did, however, love playing in the sand. Hermela was very brave to swim in the beach water this time of the year. If you ever want to let them swim in the pool, remember I'm usually home on Fridays. You guys are always welcome.
    Aunt Debbie

  3. FUN! We are headed to the beach on Wednesday for a few days. Eden has been asking to go for weeks. Where did she even get the idea that she wanted to go to the beach? I wonder if she was looking at Hermela's pictures!


  4. Nick and Jessica, I love reading about you and your beautiful family. I especially admire your honesty. You are both authentic believers. Judy said they were coming this weekend for Caleb's baptism. I was struck with the verse: I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their seed begging bread. Caleb will mark the great-great grandson of Howard and Kathleen Irvin who is following a legacy of faith. Praise the Lord! P.S. - just placed my first coffee order! Can't wait to try it!