Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Training

It's that time again and Spring sports are in full swing. Our littlest buddy joined the gang and is now officially in "training for baseball." That's what he tells anyone who will listen, "hey, did you know I'm in training for baseball?" He's taking it pretty seriously, but having a ton of fun too. On the way to his game Saturday he said, "Dad. If I strike out, I'm still gonna be happy." Just loving the game. He did strike out his first at bat, but then he got a single and a double and ended up scoring a run for his team!

Look at that face.

Caleb's working hard again this year and back on the baseball field. He's got one great swing and knows how to be "baseball ready" as they say.
The two big girls are back at soccer. Hermela scored two goals for her team on Saturday!
And Rahel has made some major strides with her game, adding in lots of fancy foot work tricks!
The little girls are busy working on their Swan Lake piece for their ballet recital in June and are super troopers as we round the practice circuit each week (no easy feet, let me tell you).

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  1. Good for you! I can only imagine all the work that goes into keeping all your kids in the right sports at the right time with the right equipment. Not easy!!!