Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trees of Glory Update Part 1

Oh Trees of Glory--how I love thee!

 I can't explain it, but I'm sure those who have been to Trees of Glory, or Ethiopia for that matter, will be able to understand my feeling of being home with good friends--family really--every time I return. I couldn't get out of the car fast enough to greet Simret. Her joyful grin and embrace were just priceless. I was overcome with emotion as we talked about all that has transpired since my last visit 14 months earlier. It is simply amazing and I'm so happy for her and the kids to finally have access to clean water and electricity. It has changed daily life for them dramatically.

 I'm going to save the detailed water update for my next post because I want to share with all of those who so generously gave to the school supply fund first.

Can I just say again how AMAZING the response was and how grateful I am to all of those who gave!

You want to know one of the best parts about it?  Before my trip, I didn't really have time to find out about any specific needs that TOG had, so I just kind of guessed that school supplies would be a good thing as the new school year is just around the corner. Well, when we got to Trees of Glory, Simret raised her hands to the sky in thanks and said, "I have been praying for BOOKS!" Isn't that so cool? Across the world, Simret was petitioning God for books at the same time I was praying for money for books and because of the faithful and generous gifts we received, God answered both of our prayers!

The library in May of 2011.
 The "library" (it consisted of just one partially filled book shelf) that we were able to help start last year is in definite need of expansion. With the new water systems in place, TOG stands ready to at least double their school enrollment. One little book shelf can hardly meet the needs of a few hundred kids. The almost $1300 raised allowed us to more than double the amount of books at TOG and a new bookshelf along with additional books were able to be ordered as well.

Look at all the books we have access to just in our little home school with only 6 kids enrolled.  The contrast is dramatic and you can see why Simret was praying for books!

At the book store with Hellina-the HopeChest staff person that helped
 us pick out each  item on Simret's book wish list.

My friend Devin was able to join me in Ethiopia this time (she's adopting a  baby boy as well).  This is the amazing view as you leave the city on the way out to TOG.

Everything is so green right now because of all the rain.

The views are absolutely amazing.

Amazing I tell you!

This sign is new since my last trip.  I just love it.  It was one of the first things we saw when we  pulled up to the care point.  They are striving for educational excellence and with their hard work and our joint prayers and resources, they will achieve just that!

A box packed with books.  We were also able to purchase
 charts for the walls , workbooks and a shelf is on it's way.

Simret was literally praising God and beaming with joy to receive these items--how many times have we praised the Lord for books??? I don't think I ever had, but I did this day :-)

Simret wanted me to tell you all how very thankful she is for your support. She asked me again to "not forget her" (an absolute impossibility) and to continue to pray that God would use her and the staff at TOG as they continue to care for, educate, disciple and love the children that God has brought to Trees of Glory.

As always, it was my humble honor to be able to be the bearer of your gifts and I sincerely thank you for the privilege.


  1. LOVE your update Jessica and so glad you were there to bring her and the kids encouragement!!!! Karen Wistrom

  2. Beautiful! Praise the Lord! Such fun to see so much joy on her face :)


  3. Oh how I wish I were there...thanks so much for sharing this Jessica.

  4. Cool post! We sponsor a little girl named Bizunesh at Tress of Glory thru Children's hope Chest.