Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trees of Glory Update Part 3


A few years ago, there were no animals living at TOG and now they are everywhere!

 Several mommy cows (I think there were 6 or 8 adult cows all together) are giving milk which is used for the children and staff.  

And quite a few baby calves were running around.  They keep some and are also able to sell some of the calves.

 After stopping by the stable, we were off to the newly constructed chicken coop.  Now I'm not a farm girl, so this may not be saying much, but this is the largest chicken coop I've ever seen.  It has it's own attendant that meticulously cares for the chickens.  It is amazingly clean inside.  We even had to wash off our shoes with bleach before we could enter. 

It was very quiet until Simret started to walk around with her scoop of food.  Then all kinds of chicken craziness broke loose as they pushed and shoved to the front of the cages for a bite.

We got in on the feeding action.

And then I noticed that one little chicken had gotten out.  Simret laughed and said, "No.  He is free." Apparently Simret has her favorites and this guy gets to run free--a true "free range" chicken :-)

And last, but not least, we got to see our donkey friend who has now been put out to pasture now that his water-hauling days are over.  He's now the only donkey in Ethiopia that doesn't have to work for a living :-)

The staff at TOG is expecting eggs any day now from all those chickens.  They will use some of the eggs and also be able to sell a great deal more.  This project has given them a great source of income and nutrition and helped make TOG more self-sustainable.  Again, another blessing to the community as well as the kids at TOG.

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