Monday, January 21, 2013

Ethiopia November 2012 Day 8

Tuesday November 13th

The long journey home begins.  We spent our last day packing up and preparing for the 32 hours it would take to fly back across the world.  I was ready to go home, introduce everyone to Eli, see our other kids and start life as a family of 9, but it was also kind of a bummer that we were leaving Ethiopia and I knew that it would likely be a while before I would be back.  This was my fifth trip in less than three years, so the thought of not being back for some time was sinking in.  It's the weirdest feeling as I mentioned in a previous post to feel so at home in a place that is so different from our home.  Ethiopia is never far from my mind and I really look forward to the time I am able to return.

We woke up to this little cutie.

And his cute big brother.
 So, back to preparing for our mega journey home. We had gotten GREAT ticket prices this time, but the route was a little longer--the trade of.  So, we hurried to get to the airport early so that we could request bulk head seating and an infant bassinet.  We had some confusion at the ticket counter (like they didn't have Eli's ticket in the system???).  Nick handled that and we were on our way.

And we're off--Addis to Dubai, Dubai to New York, New York  home!
We had a five hour layover in Dubai--it's a really nice airport, so that was nice, but it was 2 am Ethiopia time by the time we boarded the plane--that wasn't so nice.  I ended up taking a little nap right next to Eli while we waited.

When we got on the plane, another little hiccup-I was seated in bulk head with a bassinet, but Nick and Caleb were sitting in another isle.  I was seated by three business men and you can imagine how happy they were to see me settling in for the 15 hour haul.  LUCKILY (praise God) the flight was not full and we were able to switch seats.  We actually ended up with 4 seats instead of three, in bulk head, with the bassinet--AWESOME (and those business men were a lot happier too:-).

Eli took full advantage of our extra seat--chilling like an old traveling pro--he lasted like this for almost 2 hours!

Before we knew it, we were in New York-the boys scarfed down some burgers and fries, I had a salad (fresh vegetables, how I missed you) and we took our last uneventful flight home.

Our great friends and family were waiting for us at the airport, but I unfortunately don't have any pictures of that (email me yall :-) because we didn't take any with our camera.

This was our first morning home--at 5 am--it was like Christmas morning.  The kids were all so excited to have Eli home--doesn't get much better than this!!
(ignore that pacifier in Colton's mouth--that was a quick "I'm not the baby anymore" phase :-)

Blessed, blessed, seven times blessed!!!

The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy! Psalm 126:3

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