Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Other News

We welcomed Eli's good buddy Noah home on February 2nd.  Eli and Noah spent many month in Ethiopia together waiting to come home and his mommy Devin and I spent many months together praying for that day.

Devin and Noah, me and Eli and Heidi and Jonas (home April 2010).  Our three boys are all from the same region of Ethiopia and now they will grow up together here.  So awesome!

Jonas reintroducing the boys.
 We are blessed to have a growing Ethiopian adoptive family with several more friends expected to come home this year. Since we adopted the girls in 2010, the domino effect has been so cool to watch.

The airport welcome crew.
 The boys went island camping a couple of weekends ago with a great group of dads and sons out for a grand adventure of fishing, fun and food.  We camp in February when the weather is nice to avoid baking in our tents under the Florida sun of summer.

The little girls learned to ride their bikes without training wheels, one behind the other just like always (Caroline was first and don't you forget it :-).  Meron did get one of her front teeth in first, Caroline is still waiting.

Eli continues to charm his sisters!

Spring training is under way.

  And, I let the kids have ice cream sundaes for dinner.............I'm putting this on here for proof one day that I was a fun mom (on rare occasion ;-).

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  1. It's good to be fun sometimes! I love Rahel's hair in the pic. with Eli. She's so grown up and gorgeous!