Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All Stars

Well, of course we think all of our kids are all stars, but this year we had two make the all star teams.  Colton played as one of only two 5 year old on the 6U team and Rahel made it on the team in her very first season of softball.  Way to go you two!

I've said it before, but Colton lives and breathes baseball.  It's pretty crazy how much he loves it.  In fact, he's broken 3 or 4 windows recently swinging bats (or anything else he can swing...sticks, golf clubs, light sabers...), my wall clock also took a hit (wall ball in the house ;-) and Nick slammed a tennis ball into the light post in our front yard this week (like father like son) when he had me "pitch him one."  I'm going to be on a first name basis with the window repair guy.

Colton played in a regional tournament this past weekend.  After the tournament, the fans went out for a little miniature golf.

Daddy won (one under par) and Colton came in second.  I was there, just taking the pictures.  I think I came in 4th (no natural athletic ability here).

We were missing Caleb and Rahel because they stayed home with my parents to go to Rahel's tournament happening the same weekend.  We did end up making it back for her games.

My two little Eli helpers.

Rahel's done pretty well this season learning the game and jumping in with girls that have been playing for years.  She seems to have a natural talent and I think with some hard work and training, she's got a lot of potential to continue to do well in softball.

Rahel's team advances to the state competition coming up in a couple of weeks.  Pretty crazy for a rookie!

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