Monday, September 26, 2016

Miracle Monday

We have seen God move in amazing ways on behalf of our friends' little girl.  I am truly in awe of his goodness.  

In just 3 days, over $10,000 have been given!

This sweet girl already has an army of friends and family ready to love her home.

They are just $16,579 away from having the funds needed to proceed.  

That money is due in 10 days.

With the permission of Travis and Robin, I want to share a little bit more of her story because it is with particular urgency that I am advocating for her.

Remember that her Ethiopian name means 

It is her story that caused me through tears to commit to fundraising for her adoption.

You see I am a pediatric nurse practitioner.  When Travis called me on Thursday to tell me about this little girl that they had been presented with, one of the things he asked was for me to review her medical file.

She is significantly malnourished for her age with her height and weight falling below the 5th percentile. While unfortunately this is not uncommon in Ethiopian children, this is still alarming news.  

She has some developmental delays.  Also common in children who are malnourished and in institutionalized care.

But the most concerning information that I received was that at age 2 years,
 she is unable to stand without support and can not walk.

Now any of you who are parents know that these are milestones that are reached as early as 9 months of age and almost always by 18 months of age.

After I finished talking to Travis and giving him all of the possible scenarios that this could mean for her, I asked him,
  "Travis, what are your reservations.  Does any of this information
 make you hesitate to say yes?"

To which he replied, "There are no guarantees with any of our kids, 
my only hesitation is the money."

OK, money we can handle.  

I've seen God provide above and beyond time and time again when we've stepped out in faith to follow him.  

I told Travis, "Get ready for a miracle, because God is going to provide the money."

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

Not only are we trusting God for a financial miracle.  We are also trusting him for a healing miracle.

  We know that our God can do all things.  He makes the blind see, he makes the weak strong and he makes the lame WALK!

This precious little girl is fearfully and wonderfully made and she is in need of your support to help bring her home.

Please pray with us that God will completely heal this beautiful child of His and that she will not only walk, but run the race that he has marked out for her, for HIS glory!

We need just 1657 to give $10

or 331 people to give $50

or 166 people to give $100

Any way you look at it, this is a very reachable goal when we all join in and give a little.

If you've already given, THANK YOU, please keep sharing the link

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