Thursday, October 6, 2016

Life Went On

While we were transitioning our newest addition into the family, life went on.

We celebrated Christmas

Angel was all out of sorts and pretty overwhelmed, but he enjoyed the candy canes for breakfast.

We celebrated our winter birthdays

Colton turned 8

Caleb turned 12

Getting old, but not too old for mom to hold.

Rahel turned 14.....can't believe I  have a child this old.

Then our sweet Eli turned 4.

We took a train ride to celebrate.

A childhood friend of mine had one of the most beautiful and fun weddings.

We enjoyed Ethiopian Christmas

Took a road trip and spent time with relatives. 

This was the last time our family was together with Granny Pat before she passed away.  We will always treasure our time with her.

Time with Papa Irvin and Shirley

Felt the love on Valentine's Day

Worked on bonding

Easter weekend marked the start of our life changing move.

I was showered with love on Mother's Day

And just like that, summer birthday season rolled in.

Hermela turned 12.

My twins turned 10

We celebrated double digits with a luau party

And little buddy rounded out the festivities turning 4 in true minion fashion.

I like even numbers and this year all of our kids turned even. By the end of summer birthday season our kids were 4, 4, 8,10,10,12,12 and 14.

The girls completed their first track season.

Much baseball was played.

We added Wally, our kitten to the family.  Appropriately named because Nick literally cut him out of the wall of our neighbors house.

The best dad we know had a Happy Father's Day.

matching socks continued to be my nemesis
 We had a wonderful stay-cation

And spent many days at the waterparks

And that just about brings me to the point in our family's story when God turned our little world upside down and asked us to leave all that we loved and all that was familiar and comfortable for the next chapter.......

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