Saturday, October 27, 2018

May 2018

Meron's soccer team won the league championship.  Not bad for her first year playing since preschool!

Then we celebrated Angel's Mexican heritage with a fun Cinco De Mayo feast with friends.

Getting closer to having our kitchen back.

Rahel went to her first formal dance with Florida friends.

And these two kicked of summer birthday fest with breakfast out.

We followed up with a trip to the library, just me and Hermela which was such treat.

This girl in her happy place.

And finished up with dinner with the fam.

Caleb conquered his first IKEA self-build (in just under 6 hours).

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the freedom to take school anywhere.  On this day we had the whole lake to ourselves.  It was glorious.

School on the rocks.

One step closer

And one of the most fun developments in May was the completion of the family boat.  Nick and his crew worked for hours to restore this old pontoon boat which in turn has given us hours of fun on the water (all of our happy place).

We launched on Memorial Day weekend.

May finished out with a birthday celebration for this girl.  Brunch with mom.

A trip to the Ra Ra salon (Rahel gifted Caroline with hair and nail treatment).

And all of her favorite foods.

It's always a party at the Irvin house (well, not really but it sure feels like it sometimes).

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