Monday, November 26, 2018

Monday November 26, 2018

Monday November 26, 2018

I’m tired today, so this update will be brief.  Today was a good day in the country side of Holeta.  We got to interact with all of the children at the care point as well as distribute supplies to their parents.  They were all so welcoming and excited to have us visiting.

Then we were able to meet our sponsor child Desta as well as our children’s ministries’ child Lomi.  We’ve sponsored them for over a year, so it was fun to finally meet them both.  We also had the opportunity to visit their homes and meet their families which is such an honor. 

Beautiful Lomi braiding Caroline's hair.

I have lots of great pictures but the internet isn't cooperating tonight.

One thing I’ve learned about sponsoring over the years is that the sponsorship relationship should not be one sided.  We as sponsors are no more important than the sponsor child and their family.  We aren't here dong a great thing and don't need any praise. Both sides of the relationship have something to offer the other and every time I’ve come here I feel like I am the one that gains something more.  This is why it is essential to build relationships with one another. It is a pleasure to sponsor and to see the joy and contentment that our children have here as well as to experience the beauty of their culture and to see the way the community works together.

I can’t wait to show all of the kids at our church the picture and videos of Lomi.  She is a precious girl with a tender heart.  When we went to leave her home, she began to cry.  We asked what was the matter and she said she was sad because she thought she would not see us again after that.  We are going back on Thursday, so I was glad to be able to inform her that we would indeed meet again.  We look forward to that time and are so thankful to have met her and Desta today.

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