Tuesday, March 24, 2020

June 2019 NYC

My last family post was titled "Spring 2019," which I guess means I'm a year behind in posting.  I'm going to try to catch up a bit.  June was a big month, so it's going to have a couple of posts.

We took our first ever family trip to New York.  None of us had ever been so we excitedly embarked on the 16 hour drive.  Let's just say the drive there was a little more fun than the drive back.

We started the week with a baseball tournament for Colton.
Faithful supporters.

Then we headed in to the big city.
Our first walk to the subway.

Getting a lesson in subway etiquette from our amazing tour guide Mar Mar.

Looking like city girls.

Our first subway ride. The boys loved the "train."

We had a lovely walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

And took this beautiful waterside walk. 

 My handsome man!

Mar Mar took care of Caleb when he was a baby. The have a special bond.

Angel the Mischievous 

A sobering time at the Trade Center Memorial

By this point, we had walked about 10 miles cramming in as much fun as possible in one day because the forecast for the next day was 100% rain.

We loved seeing the Statue of Liberty from the Ferry and the City at night from the water.

We ended the night in Time Square, totally exhausted, but loving every minute of it.

Day 2 in NYC was Meron's 13th birthday.  We started with hotel breakfast (so fancy).

A subway ride.

Souvenir umbrellas for all and a wet walk in Central Park.

Caroline had turned 13 two weeks before, so we celebrated both girls in the Big Apple with a mini shopping spree in a fancy store.

We had dinner and then headed to the Cake Boss for dessert.

It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth the memories that were made.  We loved NYC!

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