Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baseball has Begun

We are now into our Saturday game day routine. Caleb is playing coach's pitch this season and Nick is coaching (by default he says-the coach needed an assistant-but he is loving every minute of it). It has been a good bonding experience for Nick and Caleb.

The girls and Colton are keeping me busy in the stands. Thankfully, Caroline is friends with one of the players sisters, so this helps pass the time. Hermela said, "Caleb friends, Caroline friends, Hermela no friends" meaning she hasn't met any friends here yet. This is probably hard as she seemed to be well liked at the care center and friends with everybody. She speaks both Amharic and Tigrinya (the language that most of the kids who come from the Mekele care center speak) so I imagine she was a source of comfort for those children as the nannies only speak Amharic. Anyway, Caroline said she would share her friend. So poor Kaley had two little tails following her all around at he game. She didn't seem to mind.

Caleb got several good hits which thrills Nick as he is the pitcher and the team won 8 to 2.

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  1. Oh my! What are the odds??? Can hardly wait until it's our turn - but won't be waiting to follow in your footsteps on those two counts! :-) She does look like a real trooper, though!!