Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Field Trip

My best attempt at a group shot.
Surfing the gator.
My big boy-growing up so fast, eating a big sandwich like the rest of the kids.

What our photo shoots are really like.

I guess some people consider Star Wars history.
Meron on trial for being too cute!
Order in the court.

Thursday we took our first field trip with the girls. We've been learning about seeds and plants and flowers in school, so I wanted to take them to a local garden for the day. It's where Nick and I were married, so I was looking forward to getting a picture of all five of our kids standing in the same place where we stood when we said our wedding vows. Well, the weather had other plans. We had tornado warnings and rain, so we opted for plan B-the History Center. While it didn't really pertain to our plant unit, it was educational and indoors.

I realized that we really didn't even need to go to the History Center because just getting there was excitement in itself. As we pulled into the parking garage, Hermela squealed and said, "This one mommy, I like it" (the parking garage). We then got to ride the elevator-another "wow" moment followed by walking downtown and seeing all of the tall buildings. To top it all off, there were statues and a water fountain in front of the History Center. We finally made it inside and had fun exploring.

We always get looks and comments for a lot of reasons I guess. People are curious, "are all of those you're kids." Or one that I got at the grocery store this week, "are ANY of those your children?" I just smiled and said, "they all are" to which the check out lady said, "oh, ok" with eyes big and a puzzled look. I get, "you're a saint" (which I really don't like), and "what a wonderful thing you've done" to which I reply, "we are the blessed ones and lucky to have them." We get, "you sure have your hands full" almost everywhere we go to which I reply, "better than empty." We haven't had any negative comments yet, mostly just stares of curiosity, which I think is ok. I'm glad our family looks different. Hopefully, other people will look at us and broaden their definition of what a family looks like.

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