Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Change for Change

We told our kids that Meseret and the kids at Trees of Glory needed a teacher and we wanted to help. Our family eats pizza a couple of times a month and we told them that if we would eat pizza just one less time per month, then we could help sponsor the salary for the teachers. They got very excited and wanted to bring me the change from their piggy banks, so we decided to empty all of the change out and use it to help hire teachers for Trees of Glory.

I was amazed at how much change we had just sitting in piggy banks and jars around the house. All together, we counted up a little over $70! That was enough for almost three months of the amount that we had committed to send for the teacher fund. I was very proud of their generous spirits and told them what a difference our little sacrifice of pizza and piggy bank money would make for Meseret and her friends. I'm just loving watching the wheels turn in their heads as they think of other ways to help. After we talked, Meron ran and got a pair of shoes that she had outgrown and wanted to send them to the the kids. I pray that they will grow up with servant hearts and a great love for others.

So the need for teacher salaries is nearly met. Of the $250 per month that was needed to hire a teacher and an assistant, all but $50 has been committed. With the school year quickly approaching in September, I'm hoping that one, two, or even five families will be burdened to provide the remaining $50/month to ensure an education for these kids who, without the help they are receiving from Trees of Glory, would have very little hope of a future.

I challenge you to count up your spare change and help be the change for the kids at Trees of Glory.

To contribute to this fund, please contact Karen Wistrom at

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  1. Me and my siblings have a change for change jar too! We are using it to go towards our families adoption but after the adoption is finished we want to use the money to sponsor a child(ren) Its amazing how fast the change adds up!