Monday, July 26, 2010

Does Adopting One Make A Difference?

Friends of ours who we met through our agency adopted two children shortly after we did. They actually started the process before we saw our girls and because they live in China, they travelled to Ethiopia prior to their adoption to make the immigration process smoother. They took some of the first pictures that we saw of our girls during that trip. I've enjoyed watching their transition home and their mom and I have swapped stories of the challenges (and successes) of adopting two little ones at once. They adopted a two and three year old and they already had a one and four year old at home.

I checked in on her blog tonight and saw this post comparing her little girl now, to her referral picture one year ago. The difference is amazing.

Does adopting one child really make a difference?

It does for that one!!!


  1. Hi Jessica! I have looked and looked and have not been able to find your email through your blog page or profile! I have a quick question for you if you don't mind to shoot me an email at smithfamilyadoption @ gmail . com I really appreciate it :o)

  2. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog while I was in Africa-if you would like me to email you some info about Korah sponsorship/ways to be involved, could you email me? pajohiltATgmailDOTcom THANKS!!!! :)