Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally I Can Post This Great News......

The Trees of Glory well project is now FULLY FUNDED!!!!! I've known for almost two weeks that it was and I've been dying to post to let you all know that drilling will soon be underway. Shortly after I posted that we were only $1500 away from meeting our goal, the same generous family that donated the $1000, decided to go ahead and just finish funding the project by donating the remaining $1500. So awesome!!!!

Karen has been waiting for all of the funds to make it into the Trees of Glory account as different groups have been fundraising, so I had to keep it under wraps until she got official word that all the money was in.

Here's the message she sent out today to all the sponsor families:

YOU DID IT!!! All $25,000 has now been raised for the Trees of Glory well project and drilling can begin. We will be wiring the funds to Ethiopia, and the Hopechest team will immediately be working with the drilling company to start the project ASAP!

As soon as we have a progress report and photos - I will let you know and I will post them on my blog! THANK YOU for your incredible commitment to these kids and for advocating and praying for this project!

I will be leading a team of 25 volunteers to Ethiopia in November and we are looking forward to seeing both well projects (at Kind Hearts AND Trees of Glory!!) fully functioning and delivering life-giving water.

Thank you for your continued commitment to your sponsor child and to this critical project!

blessings - Karen Wistrom
Sponsor coordinator for Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory, Ethiopia

I can't tell you how happy I was to learn that the project was fully funded. It literally made me want to jump on the next plane and go hug Simret and tell her, "you don't have to worry anymore--you're getting your well." I'm so excited for them and can't wait to do back and see those smiling faces again.

Remember to check Karen's blog as well for updates. Also, if you're interested in joining the Trees of Glory family by becoming a sponsor of one or more of the sweet kids at the care point, email Karen at so she can put your name on the waiting list. She's expecting the profiles of 40 more kids soon and will be in need of sponsors.

I love this song-the words are great. Keep changing the world!!!! (pause music at bottom of blog)

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