Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well Update

Amazing things have happened over the past couple of weeks and the Trees of Glory well fund and almost $17,000 has been donated to the project!!! That means we're just over $8000 shy of the $25,000 goal.

As the weeks have progressed, so have the drought conditions. With each new report comes an increased urgency to get this project funded.

Karen has posted the details of the well project on her blog. This is MUCH more than a well. It will be a "deep and wide" well that will not only serve the TOG kids, but also the surrounding community----what an impact!! The well will have a generator and the plumbing (unheard of in this area of Ethiopia) from the well to the buildings at TOG will be repaired. So when you donate to this project, you're not just helping the 100 kids at TOG, but countless surrounding families in the community that have the same daily struggle for water.

I think that's awesome!

Karen has set a goal to have the money raised before her trip to TOG in November. But I think it would be WAY cooler if the money was completely raised by the end of this month so the drilling will be in progress (or better yet completed) by the time she visits.

Wouldn't you love to see first hand pictures of clean fresh water flowing from the well at TOG in November (not a promise, just a prayer as things can move pretty slow in Ethiopia)? That would be an awesome Thanksgiving treat!

So with just $8000 left to raise---let's see:
that's just $285/day for the rest of August
or 100 people stepping up to donate $80
or 80 people donating $100....

$100 over the course of a month is just $25/week---less than $4/day

Think how many $4 trips to starbucks or through the drive thru you make a week.

If we gave that up for one month (really we can do anything for that amount of time) and instead saved the money--by the end of the month, you'd have the $100 to donate (plus you'd have all those health benefits that go with giving up coffee stops, treats and fast food :-)

I also have lots of these lovely bracelets for sale:

1 for $10
2 for $20
3 for $30........

so if you're thinking of donating, why not pick up a few bracelets while you're at it (all $10 go directly to the TOG well fund).

Click on the bracelet link at the top left of this blog, or donate any amount via the donate button below it.

The bracelets say "I love you" in Amharic (main Ethiopian language).

To donate directly to Hopechest:

Go to, click on GIVE
Select DESIGNATED GIFT and specify the dollar amount of your donation
In the Reference Number, specify ET2119000
In the Notes area, specify TOG WELL

Please send a quick email to Karen if you donate on the HopeChest site at so she can add it to the live tally on her blog and keep everyone updated (I'll email her if you donate on my blog or buy bracelets).

***************If you've already donated--thanks so much. If you have a blog or use facebook, please pass this on--every little bit helps***********************

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