Friday, January 6, 2012

$12 for 2012

This will sound funny to some (but not so out there to those of you in the adoption/blog world). I have a friend whom I've never actually met face to face (I actually have many friends like that). It's crazy how connected you can get with people that live all over the country (and even world) just through email, yahoo groups and a few phone calls.

Anyway, I have one such friend who is currently on her way to Ethiopia to meet her two new babies for the first time. We "met" when she called me for a reference regarding our agency and we've corresponded ever since. She has a beautiful heart for the Lord and was bitten by the "I love Africa" bug along her adoption journey, partnering up with Children's Hopechest to help find sponsors for an entire care point there. She'll be visiting those kids as well while she's in Ethiopia for court.

When they started the process, they expected to complete one adoption, but when they were presented with two extremely malnourished babies, they knew God intended them to adopt both of them--so they said YES to one tiny boy and one beautiful baby girl with the cutest smile you've ever seen. But, their obedience created a little hurdle in the form of a $10,000 deficit required to bring their second baby home. A huge hurdle it may seem for them, but not for God. And like he always does, God provided a way for them to meet this hurdle head on through

The motto of Give1Save1:



I absolutely love that and I've seen it to be true time and time again. The way it all works is that you give a little (we're talking 12 bucks-the cost of a pizza or a movie ticket) and then pass it on. As everyone does their little part, it adds up big and we help meet the need of this family. It totally works. Just take it from Jensen family. They nominated the Roepnacks after God provided over $12,000 in just 27 hours for their own adoption of a sibling group of 5 through the same organization!

So click on over to to see a cute video about the Roepnack family and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of two little babies that are orphans no more. You can follow the Roepnack family on their journey here.

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