Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Last Birthday and an Anniversary

So, today was my birthday. It is birthday central around here and to be honest, I'm pretty birthdayed out-in a good way of course. I spent the day just hanging around here-took a nice long shower (thanks to my parents and Nick for my new hot water heater-I'm a practical girl, so this was actually a really nice birthday present for me).

Then we headed over to my parents' house for dinner. Caleb prayed before we ate and thanked God for mommy's "24th birthday???" Don't know where he got that number, but I'll take it!

I have to say that I have four of the most beautiful girls in the whole world-(courtship and arranged marriages are starting to sound pretty good these days :-).

My mom made a yummy strawberry shortcake!

It was a great day. It was also great because it is the second anniversary of Meron and Hermela joining our family. Two years ago today, Nick and I were in Ethiopia and I received the best birthday present of my life when they ran into our arms.

Here we are in Ethiopia where it all started (look at how little my babies were-and check out that hair--I was still in the learning stages).

Two years later and I can't imagine life without them-we are so thankful.

Here's another look at our journey to our first two Ethiopian daughters:

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