Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Dressed Up



  1. So cute! What is Meron? And of course Caroline would be a nurse just like her mommy! Hope it was a fun night

  2. Hi Jessica!

    I love the Halloween costumes! I am sure there is a lot of candy in your house this week!

    I can't remember if I have written to you before (and I didn't see your contact information to send you a personal message), but my husband and I have a blog to document our past and upcoming mission trips with OH. We also sponsor a child through P61. I have been following your blog, and I added a button to the sidebar of our blog. I just wanted to let you know who I was, and let you know that you may get clicks from my blog to yours. If you prefer I remove the button, please let me know :-)

    I am looking forward to reading more about your upcoming adventure to Ethiopia!

  3. Welp,these pictures are just oozing with cuteness. Love them and love your story. Your family continues to be an inspiration for me. God Bless you and Happy Fall.