Monday, December 10, 2012


I was hoping to be on day 7 by now, so that I could share about our day at Kind Hearts school and let you know about a great way you can help build much needed classrooms and give a gift that counts this Christmas--but, I'm behind and because I don't want to miss this opportunity to share, I'm going to interrupt our trip posts o tell you about this great opportunity to make a difference.

These beautiful cards are being offered to help raise money to build classrooms that are desperately needed for this community.  This school year, students had to be turned away--a heart breaking thing as there really are no other options for the kids in this community to receive an education.  Families in his area just can't afford to pay to send their kids to school.

And this isn't just any school, the love of Jesus is taught here and the kids physical, spiritual and emotional needs are met along with their educational needs.  The kids that are enrolled at Kind Hearts are thriving while so many sit waiting and watching and hoping that they will some day get a chance to do the same.

It's a cause worth supporting.

This is the card that you can send this Christmas to help with the school building fund:

Click on over to Karen's blog to read more about this project:

Then, head on over to Robyn's blog to order your cards for anyone on your Christmas list (parents, friends, teachers, coaches.....).

DON'T DELAY---YOU HAVE ONLY 2 MORE DAYS UNTIL CARD WILL BE SENT ON DECEMBER 12TH (I told you I was a little behind :-)!!!!!!!

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  1. THANK YOU Jessica. Being able to finally meet you and work side by side with you in Ethiopia was such a blessing! Thank you for your committment and advocacy for these kids!! Hugs - Karen Wistrom