Monday, December 17, 2012

O Christmas Tree

We decorated our tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving--but, alas I am behind in my posts (and my laundry, house cleaning, school assignments, Christmas cards--yeah, not happening this year, grocery shopping and pretty much everything else :-) right now, so here it is--three weeks late!

we secured a tree in the traditional fashion--went to Lowes--isn't that how it's done??

Daddy and his assistants got it nice and straight in the stand.

Eli and I watched!

Eli checked out his first Christmas tree.

Caleb added the star.

The decorating began.

Nobody pouted, whined or complained..............

And we all lived happily ever after--the end!
I love having a Christmas tree in the house!!!

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  1. Your family is awesome! :) Love reading you live event.