Monday, April 7, 2014

Fundraiser Update

So because God is awesome and the people who heard this story are faithful and generous, so far we've raised.........


That's amazing! 

We have enough for the refrigerator. 

And a tote full of clothes, shoes and care packages is now on it's way to Ethiopia thanks to a willing mission team that leaves Thursday. 

           Big sister Marla sending some love.

    Can't wait to see these shoes covering those    sweet feet we left in February!

And away it goes........

We have a trusted friend purchasing the food items and supplies as well as the fridge.  He will also pick up the tote when it arrives in Ethiopia later this week.  God is definitely in the details as evidence by all of these things coming together in just 4 days. All funds will be used to meet the needs of these 7 children.

If any one was planning on donating but hasn't yet, the donate button is still open for business and bracelets are still for sale! We anticipate the need to restock food and supplies to be on going at least until a more permanent solution comes about.

Please also keep these sweet kiddos in your prayers.  They have a long road ahead.


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