Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One More Reason

I received this picture of our precious sponsor child Meseret last night.

She is another reason I always have Ethiopia on the brain.

We started sponsoring her through Children's Hopechest almost 4 years ago and the change in her appearance and way that she carries herself is remarkably different now compared to the first picture we ever saw of her.

She looks so healthy and happy now and we all just love her!

We get regular letters and updates from her and we were just able to send a package for her with a mission team that leaves tomorrow. 

Sponsorship makes a difference!  If you've ever thought of doing it, I would highly recommend it. Your $34 a month can change the world for one!

If you'd like to sponsor a child at the same care point where Meseret is (Trees of Glory) email Karen Wistrom at and get updates here  or check out the many opportunities  to help through Children's Hopechest here

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