Saturday, March 28, 2015

First Annual Family Camp

Last Spring Break we went to family camp with our church and had a blast.  We were all signed up to go again this year, but Meron got sick with high fevers two days before we were scheduled to leave and we had to make the decision to stay home :-(

To say the kids were disappointed would be an understatement.

But, Caroline and I brainstormed and decided to hold our very own family camp with boating, swimming, fishing, field day games, a campfire and a movie.

Friends of ours gave us their paddle boat to use and we were off.

Meron perked up between fevers when the medicine had kicked in, but it was a good thing we stayed close to home, because as soon as it would wear off, she'd be back in bed.  No fun.

Next, it was off to the community pool for a swim.

After the pool and lunch, we had "free time" aka, nap time for mom and dad and quiet time for kids.

Then on to the main event, field day games.

We divided into the Green Gladiators and the Orange Crushers.

What's that you say? These teams don't look too fair, me with the toddler and the sick kid and Nick with the baseball boys and our new track star.
Well, we held our own. 

 The suitcase race.

Water relays. He's only a little bit competitive.

Eli was all in!
 A little hoola-hoop action.

Egg races. 

Fun was had by all and the final score:

Green Gladiators 4
Orange Crushers 4

We tied! How awesome is that?

We also worked on courteous communication and the kids earned tokens to redeem in our "camp store."

I think there will be a Second Annual Family Camp at home sometime next year.

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