Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend News Continued

We also traded in our two vehicles for an Excursion. Yes, we traded cars again. This is our 8th vehicle change since June of 2007 (due to various circumstances). At this point, it has become a joke and a guessing game as to how long we will actually keep a vehicle. This time we think we got it right??? We bought the largest SUV made, with seating for 8 and storage room to spare. Aside from it being a gas guzzler, it meets our needs and makes room for our new additions. We've been at car dealerships so often in the past two years that our kids now complain "not the car place again". The dealership was near the beach, so we decided to take a picnic lunch so the day would not be a total waste. Unfortunately, by the time we got our picnic set up, a big storm blew in forcing the picnic into the car (good thing we have an Excursion).

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