Thursday, August 27, 2009

God sent a grasshopper

Yesterday was our second day of official homeschooling. Caleb started kindergarten this year. We're doing an insect unit and have been learning about all kinds of beetles, bugs and crawly things. Yesterday, I sent the kids on a bug hunt in the backyard. They dug in the dirt, searched by the fence, under the mulch, rain gutters and storage building, but no bugs. We did find teeny tiny little white bugs under the mulch, but they were less than interesting. I joined in the search and we found one rolly polly-which got away. We were on our way in when we spotted this huge grasshopper by the fence. We've lived here over two years and I can't recall ever seeing a grasshopper in our yard. After some heroics on my part (scooting the grasshopper into our bug catcher with a stick) and bravery on Caleb's (slamming the lid shut), we got him. The kids had a great time checking him out and affectionately named him "Hopper" (so creative:). When we went inside, we realized that the grasshopper we caught looked like the grasshopper that was on the front of the book we had read that morning. Thanks God for the excellent addition to my lesson plans. We set him free this morning.

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