Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend and Referral Update

So we spent our Labor Day weekend in bed. Unfortunately not in the "we relaxed, slept in, and watched a good movie" way. It was in the "whole family had fevers, night sweats and coughs-but not swine flu" way. We missed out on an action packed weekend of fun. Caleb missed school on Friday, a "Royal Reading Ball" at his school that night, a birthday party at Chucky Cheese on Saturday, and I missed my girl's night out pedicure on Sunday. Did I mention that I stayed up until midnight Wednesday night sewing costumes for the ball? And, I don't even know how to sew--my mom helped. All in all, a big bust. Thankfully, we are all well now and ready for a new week.

I didn't post about the adoption last week, because honestly I didn't feel like posting the big zero again. This week's update did bring good news. Seventeen kids were referred to nine families. Good news because 17 is a lot of referrals, and it looks like lots of those were siblings. So, we've moved up on the list to about 289 (my unofficial list, but a good estimate I think). I also read on our adoption forum that referrals will be coming in large groups now, instead of trickling in each week. This means that we can expect several weeks with little or no referrals and then weeks with big numbers. This explains the dry spell in August. Hopefully, things keep moving along and no more slow downs occur.

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