Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Care Packages

We officially accepted the girls and sent our letter of acceptance on Saturday. Monday, I got confirmation that they received our letter and the agency invited us to join their Yahoo group. We got to see videos and pictures of the girls from families that have recently traveled. Everyone that has met them says that they are so, so sweet and that the older sister (H.) is very motherly to M. (her little sister). They are so cute! It is really fun to see them in action. In one video, all of the kids are dancing around. H. has the cutest shoulder action going.

We were also able to send care packages for the girls. My mom and I rushed out Monday night to get them ready (they have to be in Georgia by Friday). The director of the agency is traveling to Ethiopia soon, so he will deliver them to them. We should get more pictures and an update on how they are doing as well. This will be the girls' first indication that we are coming for them. I included a picture of our family in the package. Please pray that the news of their new family will be well received by them and for their upcoming life altering transition into our family. We want it to go as smooth as possible for them.

I wake up at all hours of the night thinking of them, what they are doing, how they are, all the things we need to learn and do in the next few months. I should have our dossier done this week and then we'll be on our way to having our documents translated and applying for a court date. We are so excited!!

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