Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sand Castle Day

Today Nick took Caleb to the beach for a school field trip. The kids have been learning about the Medieval time period and castles, so they had a friendly castle building competition. Nick researched a design, packed a load of supplies (large shovels, small shovels, buckets,spray bottle, forks, chisel....). His planning paid off-Caleb won 2nd place!


  1. Hello Irvin Family!!! This is my first visit to your blog... it just reminds me why I love you guys so much! We are praying for you as you go through this process! Judy showed me the girls pictures. They are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to see ya'll again SOON I hope!


  2. Wow.. you took the words right out of my mouth! I just love this! Your story has already touched one family .. US!! I'm so thankful God has us doing this journey together! Your words will and are touching those all around you .. thanks for sharing your heart!