Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why Wait??

This is Meseret. Like I said, she has a sad little face, devoid of hope. It is hard to imagine the struggles she faces and the heartache she feels on a daily basis. We're praying that our relationship with her will help her to realize that she is loved from afar and loved by Jesus.

If you've ever thought of sponsoring a child, why wait???

The Trees of Glory care-point is ministering to 84 children who need sponsor families now. Go to to see pictures of some of children at Trees of Glory that are currently waiting for people like you to respond to the call and "care for them in their distress".

What an awesome opportunity to help children in need!


  1. Jessica - I so appreciate your help in advocating for these kids. You have a beautiful heart AND a beautiful family! with love, Karen Wistrom

  2. I love these last three posts Jessica. Thanks.
    :) Susan