Monday, June 21, 2010

We're Glad You're Our Dad

Last night I asked the kids what they love about their dad. Caleb said, "he plays army men with me." Colton, then said the same thing-all the kids laughed. Hermela said, "He works hard for us and he plays fun games like "hammer down" (rough housing, swinging kids around and throwing them into the air-in a very safe manner of course). Meron said she likes that daddy plays babies with the girls and Caroline said, "I love my dad." All were great responses and highlight a lot of Nick's great "dad" qualities. He works very hard for our family, even homeschooling our kids two mornings a week while I work. He is definitely way more fun than I am and the kids have a great time playing with him. His "army man" playing abilities are exceptional and he's great at coaching baseball, teaching the kids to fish, launching them into the pool, riding wheelies on their scooters, fixing things that need fixing and all sorts of other essential "dad" skills. We are grateful for you and the kids are really glad that you're their dad!

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  1. Hey Jess & Nick, it's Sydney! (your cousin)
    I just found this site/blog you guys created :)
    I LOVE the pictures, and I can't wait to see you guys this fourth of July weekend!!