Sunday, June 13, 2010

Advocating Update #2

On our refrigerator, we have the pictures of 4 Ethiopian orphans. One is Meseret, our sponsor child with Trees of Glory. The other three are orphans that are on our agency's waiting child list-and have been since last year. I started advocating for them a month or so ago and last posted about the financial details of their adoptions and the grants and reduced country fees that each of them have been assigned here. ***UPDATE: K AND M HAVE ZERO AGENCY FEES AND ZERO FOREIGN FEES AT THIS TIME***

So it has been about three weeks since that post and still no families. No one has picked them. These children still wait.

What does it mean to wait? I found three definitions of the word (my comments are in red):

wait (wāt) stay in a place or remain in readiness or in anticipation (until something expected happens) -Like your mom and dad finally come to bring you home. be ready or at hand-
They are so, so ready to be loved

3. to remain temporarily undone or neglected-They are surely undone and certainly feel neglected

The last group that travelled said that these three children are longing for a family to call their own. They have witnessed countless children coming and going.

When will it be their turn?????

Who will pick them?????

Here is another peak at these precious children.

This sweet girl is about 9 years old and has a quiet and cheerful disposition. She has been waiting for far to long to know she is loved. **ADOPTED**
These siblings, a sister age 9 and a brother age 11 need a family to belong to-a place they can thrive and grow and know they matter.

Please forward this post on to anyone that you think may be interested in any or all of these children. For more information, please contact IAG at

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