Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Court Trip-Awaiting MOWA

Anyone in the adoption world will know those infamous initials. The Ministry of Women's Affairs is responsible for several steps in the Ethiopian adoption process. One of which is a three sentence paragraph that must be present in your file at the time of the court hearing. Well, it seems of late it is missing more often than not. Ours falls into the missing category, so we now await a second court hearing on March 18th. Hopefully, it will be there by then and everything will be finalized so we can start the process of bringing our sixth child home.

Our trip went very well. "R" as I will continue to refer to her until we pass court was delightful. Such a little lady. Very smart and happy and seemed to warm up nicely to us. It is so strange to go to Ethiopia, meet your child and then leave them there. It was definitely a different experience. I especially felt strange at the airport as we were surrounded by other adoptive families who were bringing there kids home. Next time.

So, for now we continue to wait (the common theme in adoption) for court to hopefully pass through on March 18th (pray for us) and for a speedy embassy date (taking 8-12 weeks these days and sometimes longer). We were thinking "R" would be home in April, but now we're hoping for May and expecting June. We rest in knowing it is all in God's timing and pray for our girl who waits.

Here is a picture from when we first meet "R" (showing her pictures of her new family).

Another one of our sweet girl (she has great hair).


  1. So cute. I can't wait for her to come home.

  2. Sounds like she'll be home just in time for summer vacation and you'll be able to finish out the school year before the new adjustments begin. She does have beautiful hair!