Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Last summer, I felt compelled to start advocating for three kids that had been waiting with our agency for a very long time. They are older kids and they've been waiting for nearly 2 years for their forever families to find them. Thankfully, one of those special kids should be home with her new family in a few weeks. But for the brother and sister pair, their wait continues.

You can read more about them in my previous posts here and here.

Nick and I actually met them last January. We found them to be happy, playful and active kids who soaked up every bit of attention paid to them. They are in desperate need of the love and attention and healing that only a family can give. They wait because of their age. K is said to be 11 and M about 9. There aren't too many families out there looking for older kids. There aren't too many families willing to take these kids on. Another reason their wait has been so long is because they're waiting for a special family that is equipped to nurture and guide them. I don't know their whole story, I just know that a family with experience adopting older kids would be helpful as well as one in which K and M would be the only children or the youngest children in the home.

I can only imagine the heart ache that they must feel as day after day and month after month and now, year after year they wait for someone to "choose" them as they watch babies and toddlers and other children come and go as they continue to wait and wait for a family to love them.

These children no longer have an agency fee or any foreign fees--- that's ZERO agency and foreign fees. The only costs involved would be home study fees (about $1200-$2000), immigrations fees (about $900), travel fees (depends on airfare) and a few in country fees (about $1500). I hate to talk about money and needy kids in the same post, but unfortunately, it is the bottom line that often holds people back from stepping out on the journey of adoption. We can personally testify that if that is the only road block, God will take care of the finances and it's not going to take much to get these kids home.

While they may come with some challenges and like all adoptions, their share of trials, every child is a gift from the Lord and these kids need to know that love and the love of a family that they can call there own.

Join me in prayer for these two orphans who wait tonight for that special family.

God sets the lonely in families...Psalms 68:6


  1. i'm pretty sure meseret went home with her family when keith was there in december!
    i loved that little girl...

  2. oh wait, actually it was just court. :)

    thanks for advocating for these sweet kids.