Monday, February 7, 2011

This Week

Lots going on in our house this week. We are busy preparing for our upcoming trip back to Ethiopia-I can't wait to get back. I'm excited of course to meet our sweet new girl, but we are also on another mission to deliver love letters (appropriate for the Valentine season:) to over 100 kids at Trees of Glory. I'm praying that all the kids will be there on the day we visit (last time Nick was there, it was a school holiday and the kids weren't there-talk about a bummer). This time, they know that we are coming and we'll be bringing letters and pictures from across the country. All month, I've been receiving letters from sponsor families from California, Ohio, Minnesota, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida....

and soon I will be placing them into the sweet little hands of their sponsor children. We will also hopefully meet our sponsor child Meseret!

My little Lou (aka Caroline) is the best helper around. She's also pretty smart and gets her school work done so fast I can hardly keep up with her. Here she is a couple of days ago making PB&J for me after finishing up her school work and asking me, "mom, what else can I do?" She did a great job!

We've also just embarked on a new phase in our lives. We are now a multi-sport family. All three girls are starting soccer and tonight was Hermela's first practice. She could have lit up the sky with her beaming smile as she put on her gear and headed out to practice. We're hoping to get the kids Ethiopian soccer jerseys on our next trip. She loved every minute of it!


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Just returned from ET and will be returning soon to bring home our two precious kids. ET soccer jerseys were a must find for my son and I found them in Mekele at a sports store in town. They had a lot and we got both ET and Brazil. I think you may be heading up there too so just wanted you to know.
    So excited for you to meet your new daughter!!!
    ~Angie D

  2. Jessica, I want to thank you so much (and your husband and family) for the tremendous encouragement you are and for you videos and blog. My wife and I have been thinking about international adoption from Ethiopia we had just decided to do it when we came accross your video on You Tube and it has been such a blessing.

    We are currently trying to determine which Agency to work with and I am wondering if you have any advice? I would love to know which agency you used for your first adoptions and if you are using the same agency again?

    We have been most impressed thus far with Gladney and AGCI (All God's Children) but we still know relatively little about them. It is very important to us to work with an agency that has the best interests of the children in mind above all, and we would really like to work with a Christian agency.

    Thank you!!
    Scott Putnam