Wednesday, May 11, 2011



That's a question I've gotten more than once when I'm out and about with my crew. I just smile and say, "They're all mine." My kids usually respond back with, "We have one more sister waiting in Ethiopia." To which I usually get a puzzled look--again, I just smile, nod my head and walk away.

Well, you should just see our "little" Ethiopian family group that we've got going on here. Between 5 families, we have a total of 30 children (9 from Ethiopia)! The other four moms and I have become friends over the past months of waiting for our kids to come home and now we've gotten the kids in on the fun.

Today we had 24 of the 30 kids in my back yard having a blast (2 kids were at school, 1 was sick, 2 are still in their mom's bellies-I guess they were technically here-just not in the picture, and of course we're missing Rahel). The best part is that all of our Ethiopian kids have come from the same care center. Six of them were in the care center at the same time and were already friends in Ethiopia.

In just two and a half weeks, Rahel will be home to join the group! I took pictures today to show the nannies all of their kiddos still playing together in their new families. I also took a few of Rahel's friends playing in her back yard and in her room. I think she'll be so excited to see her brothers and sisters together with her Ethiopian friends. Isn't it amazing to think that God has gathered up all of these kids from across the world and brought them together again all the way over here?


  1. Love this picture of all the kiddos (and you Mama's too!)

  2. Beautiful! And so exciting too! You have been an inspiration to me. So much so that we are now working on our homestudy paperwork for our first international adoption. Thanks for being faithful! :)