Monday, May 2, 2011


So far, the "wrap them in love" campaign has raised


That means every child at TOG will be receiving a new blanket of their very own to cuddle up with! We still have a few other things that we'd like to do while we are in Ethiopia. One of these is to buy a bookshelf to start the TOG children's library. The cost for a new wooden bookshelf in Ethiopia is about $120, so if we end up raising anymore funds, we will apply it to that first.

If anyone would still like to donate to Trees of Glory, please use the donate button on the top right hand side of my blog to do so. You can specify where you'd like your donation to be applied. Either type in WATER (for the well project) or LIBRARY (for the bookshelf) in the message section and I'll be sure to get your funds to the project that you prefer.

Can't wait to post pictures of our time in Ethiopia and these special kids that you all are helping to support.

Thanks to all of you who've donated to this project!

Please continue to pray for our upcoming trip and the children at Trees of Glory.

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