Sunday, May 1, 2011


First, a cute (if I do say so myself :) picture of our kids on Easter morning. We had a much easier time this year getting all the kids to smile and face the same direction. I think they're finally figuring out that the sooner mom gets a good picture, the faster the photo session is over.

On the adoption front, we are awaiting a birth mother interview that the embassy has requested. It seems that this is becoming more and more common these days. It was not what I was hoping to hear (of course I was frantically checking my email for a "you passed embassy" message), but I think once it takes place, we should be cleared and able to travel shortly after that. Please pray for Rahel as she continues to wait-her very last friend leaves next week to go home to her family (one of the waiting children that I started advocating for last year-so we are very happy for her). Also, remember her birth mom who will have to travel for this interview-I'm sure it will be difficult for her. If you still have prayers left, remember me and our family as I'm a little on edge these days waiting for news.

Lastly, the Trees of Glory bracelet fundraiser was a huge success as as of today, ALL BRACELETS HAVE BEEN PURCHASED. I'll have a final tally of funds donated shortly, but I'm pretty sure that we'll have all the funds needed to purchase all 100 blankets! Once again, God has provided for his children and I'm so thankful that he is using this little blog as a means to care for them.

If you missed your chance to donate and receive a bracelet, I'm planning on picking up more of them while we are in Ethiopia and using them as an ongoing fundraiser to help fund projects at TOG. So, check back in a few weeks if you still want one. You can also continue to donate via paypal as all donations will directly benefit TOG.

Quick little story: My dad has to work some Sundays, and he was over one day when he mentioned he would be working that Sunday. Hermela gasped and said, "you have to work on the Sabbath day?" She's already learned the value of our "day of rest." (she's actually napping as I write this)

Hope you enjoy your Sunday-I'm off to get a little rest in myself!