Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Meron!!

Last week was Meron's 5th birthday. She asked for a frosting cake??? So I found directions for a princess castle cake and I must say that I'm pretty impressed with how it came out. Now, this was the most BASIC cake I found when I was looking for recipes. You wouldn't believe some of the cakes that came up--you'd need some serious skills to pull most of them off. But this one was pretty simple and a BIG hit with all of our kids--especially the birthday girl.

Notice the princesses are taller than the doorway--I guess they'd have to duck down and crawl in :-)

Excited to learn she'd be going to Monkey Joe's (we call her Monkey Joe sometimes, and she's been asking to go there forever, so we all went the day after her birthday--so much for "cocooning" with Rahel).


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  1. Hi Jessica,
    My name is Joy. We are from the Fort wayne Indiana area and are in the process of adopting a girl from Ethiopia. I have quite a few questions and I was talking to Ang Donaldson and she gave me your name and said you had just adopted from Ethiopia a 2nd time and they are older children and you might have some answers...:) If you have an email address, i would love to email you if you don't mind. If you would rather I call you, that would be fine too. My email is: I look forward to hearing from you. (We are using IAG also) Thanks again. Joy