Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've finally made a batch of injera that actually resembles the real thing in taste, texture and even has the little holes in it. I've tried for over a year to make injera with "quick" recipes off line and never got close. I finally realized there are no short cuts and if you follow the long directions-it actually works. A friend of mine gave me the starter and I brought teff flour home from Ethiopia so we can now enjoy injera on a more regular basis.

Check out those holes!

And these happy faces (well except for Caroline-Ethiopian food is not her favorite, but she's learning to like it). Before we left Ethiopia, we had lunch with our driver and he told Rahel she may as well order pizza (instead of the traditional Ethiopian food) because there's no injera in America. She was very happy to see this coming right out of her new mom's kitchen. We've had Ethiopian food 5 or 6 times now since she's been home.

Now I'm just waiting for my injera pan to arrive so I can make them full size.


  1. Oh awesome! I just had injera for the first time today! An acquired taste for sure but I definitely liked it with wat but not by itself. Think I might go have some leftovers right now!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! We came home with our son from Ethiopia in August of 2010. Your family is beautiful! Do you happen to live in MO? That's where we live it would be great to meet up sometime! Congratulations on your newest daughter!

  3. I'm SO happy that I have a tiny little Ethiopian store that sells injera within walking distance to my house. What a huge blessing!!!

  4. Can you PLEASE email me the directions for this? I have tried several times and it NEVER comes out. This last time I just used the Teff flour and water and let it sit for 3 days. I don't know if the temperature of my pan was too hot, too cool?? I don't know but I really want to know how to make injera. PLEASE HELP!!!!