Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun

Rahel made it home just in time for summer fun. We've had lots of free time to get to know each other and work on bonding. The kids have enjoyed playing together and enjoying the lax schedule. I often say that she must think all we do in America is play, swim and eat cake (we've already had three birthdays and a holiday since she's been here). Hope she's not too shocked to learn that it's not all play around here once school starts again.

Lots of our friends have big pools at their houses and we've been doing some swimming there, but in our own back yard, we've rigged this up. Two blow up pools side by side on our deck (yes, I know it's rather tacky and borders on "you might be a red neck if...."--but the fun factor and ability to cool off is worth it).

Rahel's getting brave and going all the way under!

And the kids have gotten creative with their acrobatic pool-to-pool jumping competitions.

After a long day of swimming, what better way to end it than with a sleepover. The kids have slept in the same room (yes all 6 of them) almost every night since Rahel's been home. They did a few nights on the floor and then realized the beds were a lot more comfy.

The current sleeping arrangements are: Caleb sleeps up top in Caroline's bed, Colton sleeps up top in Meron's bed, Meron and Caroline sleep together in Rahel's bed and Hermela and Rahel sleep together in Hermela's bed. So out of six kids, only Hermela is actually sleeping in her own bed and she now has a new bed buddy.

Who says we need a bigger house. The way I see it, with six kids in one room, that leaves the boys room open to add two more :-)


  1. Love the pools. We might have to try that! :)

  2. My kids all sleep in the same room too (except for Hiyab, she cries) - some on the floor, one on a cot, others in beds! I agree on the bigger house. Whenever we've brought up the "own room" concept they all think we're crazy. Even Harrison who's 14 and get's annoyed with his siblings doesn't want to sleep alone.