Sunday, October 30, 2011


Wild Man on a Mission

That's what I call this one. Colton is our youngest child (at least so far) and he is eating up the baby role (and truthfully, we let him because after all he is the baby). When I think about the fact that Caleb was this age when Colton was born and how much we told Caleb he was the "big brother" and such a "big boy" and now how much we baby Colton (at the same age), it's pretty funny. But, with 5 older brothers and sisters, it's almost unavoidable.

Colton is a ball of fire sometimes, but he's also a sweet cuddly little buddy. He lives life large-not afraid to climb up the slide and jump right off from the tippy top. He does somersaults without even putting his hands down-just throws himself on the floor and flips over. He rides his 4-wheeler like he was born doing it-taking the turns hard, without fear (definitely gets that adventurous side from daddy). That's why I call him my wild man.

He's also super smart-he'd have to be I guess after sitting through 2 years of preschool and 2 years of kindergarten with his older siblings. Without even directly teaching him, he's picked up colors, shapes, counting, letters and letter sounds......he surprises us sometimes with what he knows. One day we were going around the table and the kids were saying their bible verses. After the 5 older kids said theirs, Colton said, "my turn." He then went on to say all three verses we had learned. We had know idea he had memorized them.

Here he is doing one of his favorite things-digging in the dirt. Nick took these pictures one day while I was working. Today when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said, "a scooper" so he could dig stuff.

We love you our sweet little digger!

pause music at bottom to hear Colton's verses

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  1. Gosh...his face has really changed since the summer. He's growing up, but still such a cute "baby". I think I'm having a very hard time accepting that there are no plans for another "baby" in our family.