Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Love Moments Like These

We instituted a buddy system when the two girls came home so that when we were out, the kids would always know whose had to hold and I could keep better track of everyone. I put an older kid with a younder kid so they could work together on chores or projects.... Caleb and Meron, Hermela and Caroline and me and Colton were buddies. When we added Rahel to the mix, we did a little buddy shuffle. Now, Hermela and Colton, Rahel and Caroline, and Caleb and Meron are buddies. Today, while I went to finish getting myself ready for the day, I assigned their reading work. I was delighted when I came out to catch them in these acts of sweetness:

Hermela had finished reading to Colton, so she entertained him with our Potato Head collection (she has by far the most challenging buddy to keep up with, but she does it well and with a smile-most of the time). She'll be a great mom one day.

Rahel has fallen into her role of big sister beautifully (she was the youngest child in her Ethiopian family). She and Caroline have had a special bond ever since she got home.

Caleb is my super reader, so he's working to teach Meron her word family sight words.

Somedays, I come out to a crayon (or sharpy) masterpiece on the wall (compliments of my littlest Picaso) or a giant mess or some other kind of chaos. So, I'm especially thankful for moments like these when all is well.


  1. This post makes me smile! You have a beautiful family.

  2. We buddy system, but not in school--this is totally a great idea. I've been a little psycho lately with school and planning for the trip next month. This morning I was praying about creative solutions for getting school done, and my ability to keep up with other things. I think this will be great during different parts of the day. I'm so encouraged to see how well your kids seem to be doing together! I think, truly, one of the most amazing blessings in adopting is watching the kids accept and love each other.