Sunday, November 29, 2009

Starting the Season

We put the finishing touches on the Christmas Tree this afternoon. Colton had the honor of placing the angel on the tree (we did this first as he was melting and needed a nap). We were planning on putting the lights on last night when the kids were sleeping, but they were all burned out. I just had said how surprised I was that they had lasted 8 years (we got them the year we got married). Spoke too soon. So after church we stopped by Target to get new ones. After I got them all on and the tree decorated, I noticed that the top 2 strands were twinkling and the bottom one wasn't. I had bought one box of stationary lights unintentionally. So, our tree has extra character this year.

I also found something called a Jesse Tree on one of the blogs that I sometimes read (this familiy is also adopting from Ethiopia). It's a count down tree to Christmas that tells the history of the bible all the way up to the birth of Jesus. You can check it out on their site . The one she has is $100. Maybe I'll order it next year. This year, I found a site to print off the symbol ornaments and a site that has the bible verses and discussion for each day (under the parent devotional section). It takes 29 days to get through all the stories, so we're going to do 3 tonight to catch up.

4 Days Until Court (and this day is almost done)!!!

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