Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Waiting for a Court Date

Our documents have been in Ethiopia for 3 weeks now. We were told that the translation of our dossier could take 2-3 weeks. So, if things are on track, we should be through translation (we won't know when this happens because our agency is not notified when translation is complete). The next step is getting a court date. It is possible that our documents have already been submitted to court. If not, they should be any day. It generally takes about 2 weeks from submission of documents until a court date is assigned. I spoke with our coordinator today and she said to expect to hear about a date in 2-3 weeks. Court dates usually occur about 6 weeks later. I'm hoping to hear something by Thanksgiving week. It is possible that we will be assigned a date before the end of the year (we hope). After we pass (pray we pass the first time), we'll travel about 6-8 weeks later (depending on lots of variables). We hope to travel sometime in February.

I'm planning to start a little scrapbook for each girl with pictures of our family to send with the next travel group. Our agency has a group traveling December 9th, so I have a little time to get this together along with a few other items.

We pray that they are doing well and are being prepared for all the upcoming changes.

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