Saturday, November 7, 2009

Africa Sunday

Her are some pictures from this morning. Our family participated in Nice Serve (our church wide volunteer day). We were gleaning grapefruit to distribute to the hungry. All together, our group picked 10,000 lbs of grapefruit.

Tomorrow is Africa Sunday at our church. It was at this service last year that we decided to adopt from Ethiopia Steadfast Minds: How Did We Get Here?. The focus of the service is to provide information and updates on the missions that our church supports in Africa like Children of the Nations (COTN)and to encourage people to "get educated and go". It should be great and we're really excited to go. We'd love to have anyone that would like to join us meet us there tomorrow. Just let us know it you're interested.

We also have our Ethiopian Adoptive Families playgroup tomorrow which we are really looking forward to. It is always a great learning opportunity.

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