Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Departure Eve

Last night before we start our travel journey to our girls! We've managed to get 20 care packages for other families, donations and enough snacks/clothes/camera equipment to last a week-we hope. Our kids are really starting to realize that we're going to be gone for a while (a "long time" as they put it). We've never left any of them for this long, so I know they'll miss us and we'll really miss them. Caleb told me he didn't want us to be gone so long tonight and Caroline said, "I will miss you so much mama". Even Colton was saying, "mommy bye bye?"

We've left a count down chain until our return, a treat grab bag for each day and we recorded ourselves reading their daily devotion, bedtime stories and saying their prayers, so hopefully all that will help. I'm sure all the grandparent attention will help as well.

Continued prayers for them, our travels, baggage making it all in one piece :), and our first meeting with the girls. Also, for all that Hermela and Meron will be leaving behind and their many adjustments to life with our family.

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